About Us

Harrisma Wisesajaya was originally founded in 1991 as an IT solutions company that provides specialized hardware and software solutions for businesses. Since then, we have worked closely with many IT vendors as their premier partner and sub-distributor to equip ourselves with a complete range if products to ensure that we can deliver the best solutions for our costumer’s businesses.

In 2012, we have also expanded our services to provide training and learning to companies to become a total IT solutions compalny. With more than 10 branches spread among 4 cities in Indonesia, we are more than equipped to be able to provide timely support and service to our customers and ensure that the IT side of their business can continue to run smoothly.

Vision Statement

We aim to become the premier total IT solution company in Indonesia which can help empower companies and businesses by providing the right knowledge to the people and the right infrastructure for the business processes.

Mission Statement

Harrisma Wisesajaya seeks to provide total solutions which will empower both the technological and human aspect of our customer's businesses by providing hardware and software solutions that fits their business requirements and also by providing training and learning solutions to the end-users and IT staffs to ensure that they can use the available IT solutions optimally and efficiently to increase overall productivity in their businesses.

Our Clients

  • Agoda International Sdn Bhd
  • Ciputra Surya Tbk., PT.
  • Holiday Inn Resort Bali
  • King Jim Indonesia, PT.
  • Laboratorium Klinik PRAMITA
  • National Hospital Surabaya
  • Pakuwon Jati Tbk., PT.
  • Rumah Sakit Graha Medika Gresik
  • Rumah Sakit PHC Surabaya
  • Satelit Sriti, PT.
  • Semen Gresik, PT.
  • Ubud Wana Resort Bali

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